Sunday, April 30, 2017

LOTM#364 - LuLu at The Kinky Event

These adorable shoes with stockings are at The Kinky Event this round! You know that amazing HUD that comes with all MODA shoes, so we get way more than just a pair of high quality, incredible foot gear. There are just as many colors of socks to choose from, so get to the event and try your demo today!


Featuring [MODA] LULU BOW PLATFORMS & HUD at The Kinky Event now!
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Photo Location:  Ballz Deep Society
Skin by DeeTaleZ - New Release Valentina in MixedType 
Dress by Blueberry - at Epiphany this round
Hair by Pink Hustler at SaNaRae this round

Saturday, April 29, 2017

LOTM#363 - Brooke Eyeshadow at The Makeover Room

The next round of TMR begins May 1st.  LIVIA has this gorgeous eyeshadow; Brooke, for this round.  We get eight different colors for only 75Ls during the event. The quality is incredible as always and comes in multiple mesh head appliers as well as system tattoo layers.

Don't miss out on this awesome deal for your makeup kits!

This lovely skin I'm wearing in this Look is new in world now, so follow the below link to DeeTaleZ to get your demo. 


Featuring Brooke Eyeshadow by LIVIA at The Makeover Room this round!
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***New Skin Look:  DeeTaleZ New Vanessa in MixedType***

Friday, April 28, 2017

LOTM#362 - Sophia

This week's 50% Group discount item is this adorable embroidered dress for only 75Ls.  The discount goes from April 21 - May 4 in the main store. Be sure to wear your MOoH! group tag and get yours before this amazing sale ends. If you don't have a group tag, just follow the below link and join!


MOoH! Sophia dress black
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

LOTM#361 - The Grab Event

Envious Desires is at The Grab Event and it begins April 28th.  This gorgeous skirt and shirt pair comes with ten different solid textures for the shirt and five bright prints for the skirt. Make sure to follow the below links to get to the event for your demo.


The Grab Event begins April 28

Featuring *E.D.* Seer Flower ~ 
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LOTM#360 - Rosie Skylar

There are some amazing things happening at Alter Ego!  The Skylar dress is available on marketplace now! This pretty little thing has a huge assortment of colors to choose from and fits so perfect.  

I paired Skylar with AlterEgo's Rosie skin that will be available soon.  Check back on marketplace or in store for this gorgeous skin. I'm wearing the lumi tint and love this Look!


alterego. rosie skin - lumi
alterego. skylar dress
Toxxic Rhiannyr Designs In World Store
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LOTM#359 - Gianna Nicole Sass

The name of this Look sounds like a famous Hollywood star, right? It's what this Look is all about, so read below for more details!

Supernatural has this adorable Nicole choker and necklace pair at this round of Tres Chic.  This high quality set comes in gold and silver. We also get a HUD to change from pink, white or black accents.

This Gianna shape and skin I'm wearing is a new coming soon item from AlterEgo. We get three tones to choose from; chai, lumi and soleil. We also get three options for makeup; natural, smokey and plumb.  This adorable Look is made for Catwa Catya Bento mesh head and has an Omega body applier. The HUD also has separate appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza feet.

Finally, this sweet little maui dream outfit is from Sass! I'm wearing the pink skirt, top and Coral shoes for Maitreya. There are multiple options of brands for mesh bodies and feet.  This cutie is in store now, so get your demo to start that Spring/Summer collection now!


sass [maui dream] pink in store now
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.::Supernatural::. Nicole @Tres Chic
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alterego. gianna skin - soleil
Toxxic Rhiannyr Designs In World Store
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LOTM#358 - More Grid Shopping!

This Look has a lot going on and will take you to three of my amazing sponsors across the Grid!

First, this adorable spring gypsy outfit by Sass is a must have. The jeans are a sexy butt fit with bright, vibrant matching prints. The sweet little fringe top is a perfect fit too and match the jeans. I'm wearing sunrise, but there are three other colors to choose from in these gorgeous sets. There are also some clear strappy heels too that I'm wearing but you can't see in this photo. So be sure to get over to the store to try your demos and see how fabulous this entire Look is for you!

Two of my other sponsors; ARTE and Gorgeous Dolls help to complete this Look.  ARTE has this beautiful Lush Liner Glitter eye shadow at Cosmopolitan this round. A new event rolls over on April 24, so don't miss out!  

Gorgeous Dolls has had some requests for long fetish nails so she created these Cash Me Ousside nails and rings!  They come in multiple fit options and I'm wearing my Maitreya Bento Hands nails. As always, the quality is amazing and we get so many different options with that incredible HUD.  Mix and Match yours for your very own, unique Look on the Grid!


sass [spring gypsy] sunrise in store now
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A R T E - Lush Liner Glitter Cosmopolitan opened 24 April
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~GD~Cash Me Ousside(How Bow Dah Ed.) - Maitreya Bento Hands in store and on marketplace now
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

LOTM#357 - All About the Shews!

You can find these amazing Wonderland Platforms by MODA at ON9 now!  Follow the below link to the event and get your demo. As always, the quality of these shoes are incredible and we get that huge HUD for so many options. These little jewels also come with an additional option; the White Rabbit Watch!  You can switch up your Look for the adorable encased glass to show off that watch or go for the traditional platform. Either way, we get 36 different colors and 4 metals in one easy to use HUD.


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Hair by Magika

Decor by CURELESS at The Epiphany this round!

LOTM#356 - Lost & Found with ARTE

The next round of Lost & Found began yesterday, April 22, and goes until May 1!  ARTE is at this round with a gorgeous mix of butterfly tattoo and eye shadows.  We get to choose if we want to wear the tattoo with or without the shadow. There are 15 different options to choose from in this set for all your fantasy and not so fantasy Looks.

I'm also featuring a lip tint from ARTE that you can find in store or on marketplace now. This is ARTE's Sunlit Lips in Set 02. The entire pallette and all sets are gorgeous spring and summertime fun. Follow the below links for both of these beautiful ARTE designs!


Featuring A R T E - Butterfly Make-Up [Catwa, LeLutka] at Lost & Found April 22-1 May

Demo available.

Included in the pack:
2 Appliers ( 1 Catwa, 1 LeLutka):

- Butterfly Make-Up (5 tattoos and 5 eyeshadows. Tattoos and eyeshadows can be worn together or separately, all together 15 options available in the Hud.)
The appliers are sold in one pack. 

Also worn in photo and in store at ARTE:
Arte - Catwa Applier - Sunlit Lips - Set 02

A R T E Main Store

Saturday, April 22, 2017

LOTM#355 - Maitreya Bento Hand Nails

Gorgeous Dolls has been keeping us updated with their next release; Maitreya Bento Hand Nails!

You can find all of your favorites for your Maitreya Bento hands now in store and on marketplace. In fact, Maitreya Lara body just came out with a new release; V4.1. This update made me want to switch to my Lara Bento Hands! The HUD is so amazing; from the hand animations, to the new ankle lock HUD. I have reduced the HUDs on my screen by at least three with using the new Maitreya Bento Hands.

I want nails; sexy nails and I want high quality gorgeous rings. We can get it all from Gorgeous Dolls new releases!  Follow the below links to get your's today.


~GD~Simple Pleasures(Gyaru Gyal) - Maitreya Bento Hands 
Gorgeous Dolls Main Store
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LOTM#354 - Event Rounds!

This Look is inspired by two of my incredible sponsors. Envious Desires is at the Level Up Event until the end of this month. They have this gorgeous, curve hugging Elite Jumper this round. This beauty comes in different mesh body types and has multiple HUD driven texture options. Make your way to the event today to get your demo.

LIVIA is at The Thrift Shop this round with some amazing eye shadow and matching nails! We have multiple colors to choose from on both palettes. As always, the quality is awesome and comes in assorted applier options. Follow the below links to both of these events to get this must have Grid Gear!


Dashed Eyeshadow and Nails by LIVIA at The Thrift Shop
LIVIA Main Store
LIVIA Market Place Store
LIVIA Flickr

Elite Jumper by Envious Desires at Level Up Event
Envious Desires Main Store
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Friday, April 21, 2017

LOTM#353 - Applique and Marketplace Pretties!

The Look is inspired by Alter Ego's marketplace release; the selena bustier.  The link is in the below details. You're going to love this sexy little bustier that comes in assorted colors. Check out the link today for yours.

I'm also showing you the latest release from LIVIA that you can find at the Applique event this round. We get eight different colors of adorable Spring Glitter Nails. The HUD is available for Slink, Omega, Maitreya, Vista and Tuty. 


Featuring Selena Bustier by Alter Ego on Marketplace now!

Also featuring Spring Glitter Nails by LIVIA at Applique this round!
LIVIA Main Store
LIVIA Market Place Store
LIVIA Flickr

LOTM#352 - More Thrift Shop Loot!

This round of the Thrift Shop goes until May 6 and the link to this fun event is below in the details!  This sexy little mesh dress from Blasphemic can be found there.  Get to the event for some amazing discounts on awesome grid gear!



Thursday, April 20, 2017

LOTM#351 - Brookie Dress by QE

This adorable dress is at the Dark Side Fashion Fair. The quality is incredible and we get so many different options on the included texture change HUD. You can mix and match from dark to light. Get to the fair before the end of this month for this cutie.

This Look is also inspired by MODA. These Athena Platform Boots are in store now and have been updated. The HUD has the usual gorgeous color palette and I love the different colors to match my outfits perfectly. The below links will get you to the store or marketplace for your demo to try!


Featuring Brookie Dress by [QE]

MODA Marketplace Store
MODA Flickr
MODA Facebook

Pose/backgrop by WetCat Builds and Poses - Backdrop Scene #1 at The Pose Fair

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

LOTM#350 - More awesomeness at the Dark Side Fashion Fair!

You can find these awesome Alice pants by Desire Boutique at DSF2. They come in multiple options for mesh bodies and an amazing HUD. Get your demo at the fair today!

This Look is also inspired by DNA Body & Face. I'm wearing their Luana Shape for Catwa mesh head. The quality is incredible and I'm excited there is a Catwa mesh head option for this fair.


LOTM#349 - Trinite introduces Rachel

Trinity has released a new strap body suit for Maitreya mesh bodies! This sexy little number is in store now and available in multiple colors. She fit the suit for Maitreya bodies only and it hugs all my curves perfectly.  

The links to Trinite are in the below details. Make your way over to the main store now to get this new release!


Featuring Rachel in store now

Trinite Main Store
Trinite Marketplace Store
Trinite Flickr