Monday, February 27, 2017

LOTM#290 - Mehndi Face Tattoo

This lovely face tattoo is in store now at Blasphemic.  The detail is amazing and comes in black, white or red (henna).  They are available in appliers and standard avatar tattoo layers.  Follow the below link to get to the store to add this pretty to your own Look.


Featuring MEHNDI Face tattoo from Blasphemic; in store now!

Blasphemic Main Store
Blasphemic Marketplace Store
Blasphemic Flickr
Blasphemic Facebook

Sunday, February 26, 2017

LOTM#289 - Blasphemic

We still have time before Twe12ve closes the doors on this round!  You can find this Passion Eyeshadow from Blasphemic at this month's event. I'm pairing it with their Dayla dress that's in store now!  This sexy sheer dress comes in multiple colors and I'm featuring black in this Look.  We can choose from nude, pink, purple or red with each one as sexy as the next.


Twe12ve Event
Twe12ve Flickr
Evil Bunny Productions Facebook
Evil Bunny Productions Website

Featuring Blasphemic Passion Eyeshadow (@Twe12ve) and Dayla dress

Blasphemic Main Store
Blasphemic Marketplace Store
Blasphemic Flickr
Blasphemic Facebook

Saturday, February 25, 2017

LOTM#288 - Sassy Coffin

Two of my sponsors inspire today's Look. Sass has this adorable, high quality, perfect fit mesh bra top in store now. The designs are so cute, you can wear them to the gym or as a casual go-to. Toss on a sheer oversize top and mini to turn it into a Look for a decadent night on the town.  There are many gorgeous colors to choose from, so get yourself there for a demo try today.

Kea, over at Gorgeous Dolls, has just put out another set of incredible nails for our Bento hands.  These nails are coffin design and come with a set of gold and silver rings.  Like all of her other lovely creations, we have a huge selection of textures and colors to choose from on this HUD driven mani.  See her in world or market place store for these beauties I'm wearing in this Look.


Gorgeous Dolls
~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin) - Vista Bento PROHANDS

.Sass. bra top

Friday, February 24, 2017

LOTM#287 - Spring Fever!

.Sass. has this new outfit, Fever, in store now!  We've had a mild winter in my part of the real world, but this weekend is making up for it. A snow storm is raging outside and .Sass. is giving me Spring Fever in World!

The full set comes with this sexy slip of a top, this amazing high quality mesh jean mini and these adorable lilac strappy heels.  I'm also wearing Regan Hair from #Foxy and one of Ecstasy & Oxycodone's clear xo chokers!  Polishing this Look off is LIVIA with her gorgeous Sofie Eyeshadow and Natural Flirt Lipstick; also in store now.  See the links below in the details for your ride to each of these stores to get your Spring Fever Look.


.Sass. [fever] outfit
.Sass. Main Store
.Sass. Marketplace Store
.Sass. Website
.Sass. Flickr
.Sass. Facebook

Ecstasy & Oxycodone xo choker
Ballz Deep Society Kiosk Vendor
Extacy & Oxycodone on Marketplace

LIVIA Natural Flirt Lipstick and Sofie Eyeshadow
LIVIA Main Store
LIVIA Market Place Store
LIVIA Flickr

#Foxy Regan hair from Collabor88

Thursday, February 23, 2017

LOTM#286 - Triple Threat!

This Look comes from three of my talented sponsors and I had to share it with you.

NYNE has this adorable hair in multiple colors in store now.  I'm wearing Gorgeous Dolls; "Them Fancy Girls" nails for Bento hands.  The third partner of this Look comes from LIVIA and is called Chapped Lips!  You can find the links below of where to get each of these beauties to add to your next Look.


Gorgeous Dolls
~GD~Them Fancy Girls(XL Almond) - Vista Bento PROHANDS

LIVIA Chapped Lips
LIVIA Main Store
LIVIA Market Place Store
LIVIA Flickr

[NYNE] Hair 'Shadette' - Blonde Pack Wavy
[NYNE] Main Store
NYNE Marketplace Store
NYNE Flickr
NYNE Facebook

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

LOTM#285 - LIVIA at Hipster Fair

This Look is inspired by two of LIVIA's incredible creations!  These Arrow Nails are at Hipster Fair now, so follow the below link to get to the event.  LIVIA also has some Aztec Chic Nails there that are gorgeous.  Check them out for yourself while you're at the Fair!

I'm also featuring a reboot from LIVIA called Natural Flirt Lipsticks.  You can now get them in CATWA and Fiore appliers.  I absolutely love the colors and the perfect application to my lips.  We have three different palette's to choose from and every..single..color is gorgeous.  Follow the below link to the store for yours.


Featuring LIVIA Arrow Nails at Hipster Fair until March 3

Also wearing LIVIA Natural Flirt Lipstick, in store now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LOTM#284 - More Unicorn Love

Blasphemic has released these adorable graphics tanks and they are in store now!  You can see the fit on my Maitreya body is perfect as always. She also has many other mesh body styles, so I'm sure you will find your own Look with no problem!

I'm featuring another release from Kea with Gorgeous Dolls in this Look too!  You can see just some of the amazing styles from the below photo. I love that I have so many options to choose from in one HUD and I can mix & match!

Follow the links below to get your new gear from both of these incredible designers.


Gorgeous Dolls
~GD~Edge Of Glory(XL Almond) - Vista Bento PROHANDS

BLASPHEMIC - TALI TANK - White Unicorn Queen - In Store Now
Blasphemic Main Store
Blasphemic Marketplace Store
Blasphemic Flickr
Blasphemic Facebook

Monday, February 20, 2017

LOTM#283 - Gorgeous Dolls and Trinite

The wheels of creation have been going strong in two of my incredible Sponsors' worlds.  This Look brings them together to give you more inventory envy.  You NEED them now for your closet!  

The weather around my place is showing the ground hog was wrong and we have tipped into Spring fever.  This sexy halter from Trinite is just what the doctor ordered. It comes with a HUD to give us those oh so many options we love!

Gorgeous Dolls has been taking care of my nails since I took the plunge and went Bento. Kea has so many beautiful collections that you could go weeks and weeks just switching her styles and never repeat!  Be sure to check out both stores from the below links and see what Look you can put together from these amazing creators.


Featuring Trinite Pretty Halter
Trinite Main Store
Trinite Marketplace Store
Trinite Flickr

Gorgeous Dolls
~GD~Them Fancy Girls(XL Almond) - Vista Bento PROHANDS

Sunday, February 19, 2017

LOTM#282 - Spring Daisies from Trinite

Trinite has this adorable Spring Daisies outfit in store now. This high quality, amazing fit for my Lara body comes with nearly everything you see in this Look. The set includes the boots, shorts, top, backpack and daisy chain crown.  You can't see the backpack so much in this photo, so get over to the store.


Featuring Trinite Spring Daisy Outfit

Trinite Main Store
Trinite Marketplace Store
Trinite Flickr

Hair:  *booN Lab.022 hair blonde pack
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Murmia
Ears:  ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition at Fetish Fair

LOTM#281 - Supernatural Bethany


Featured item:  Supernatural's Bethany choker at Cosmopolitan in silver and pink

.::Supernatural::. Main Store
.::Supernatural::. Flickr
.::Supernatural::. Facebook

Hair:  *ARGRACE*  CHIZURU - Whites
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Murmia
Ears:  ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition at Fetish Fair
Nose Ring:  ~LF~ Nose Ring (ball) -Catya- found on marketplace
Water Drops:  Izzie's - Face Waterdrops Appliers (Catwa/LOGO)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

LOTM#280 - Supernatural and MadPea!

Mad Pea is an incredible venture on our amazing virtual world.  They are hosting the Mad Pea International Food Fair.  The event goes from noon today, February 18, until March 4. 50% of all purchases go towards Feed a Smile to help build a kitchen for impoverished children in Africa.  

I'm so excited to bring you Supernatural's Trixie that is part of this event.  Use the below link to make your way over to MIFF at noon today to see all the incredible creations for this worthy cause!


Featuring Supernatural's Trixie Necklace in Silver with HUD
MadPea International Food Fair
2.18.2017 -  3.4.2017

.::Supernatural::. Main Store
.::Supernatural::. Flickr
.::Supernatural::. Facebook

Friday, February 17, 2017

LOTM#279 - Emilly @The Crossroads

Supernatural is participating again at The Crossroads this round.  Get your Ls ready to pull for this adorable set.  It comes in either Gold or Silver accents and is oh so sexy.  The panties and pasties are RAREs that bring together this adorable mid-belt and choker. The fit is perfect and as always, the quality from Supernatural is on point!


Featuring Emilly Black and Silver at The Crossroads Event this round!

.::Supernatural::. Main Store
.::Supernatural::. Flickr
.::Supernatural::. Facebook

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LOTM#278 - Still bringing you Passion from Twe12ve and More!

You're going to need to go to a couple places to put this Look together, but I promise that it's worth it!  Applique just began a new round the day after Valentine's Day.  Evil Bunny Productions also still has Twe12ve going on until the end of this month.  Two great events to find some incredible new home decor and pretties for your closet!


Featuring LIVIA Jada Lipstick at Applique

Feb 15 - Mar 6
for Tattoo Layers/Omega, Catwa, Lelutka, Fiore, & Genesis 3.0

At Twe12ve

Twe12ve Event
Twe12ve Flickr
Evil Bunny Productions Facebook
Evil Bunny Productions Website

Featuring cute as f*ck, Banana Banshee, Charme, Sevyn East and The Artist Shed!

::cute as f*ck:: Dual Canvas Gacha - Boat Love, Magnet Love, Telephone Love - see all Gacha's at the Event!

Banana Banshee - Passion - eyes in Blue

Charme - Valentine hair in Platinum 

SEVYN EAST SERENA  T DRESS - HUD multiple textures and graphics

The Artist Shed - Anastasia's Seat and A Few Shades of Grey Sofa

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

LOTM#277 - Unicorn Confessions

Sass has this adorable hipster tank dress at the Hipster Fair opening February 17th!  The fair goes until March 3rd.  There are many different graphics options to choose from, but you know I had to go with the unicorn. Follow the below link to her store and try your demo today.

This Look also features these gorgeous nails, in Omega applier, for my Bento hands.  LIVIA has such incredible high quality designs. You can find these at the Pretty Things Event this round.  Make your way to the link below to see all the beautiful options these nails have to offer.


02/10 - 03/03
Featuring LIVIA Majestic Nails

Featuring Sass [hipster tank dress] in multiple texture options at Hipster Fair
02/17 - 03/03
Sass Flickr

LOTM#276 - Supernatural Sexyness!

This Look brings together two of my favorite designers.  You can find this sexy lace bodysuit by Supernatural at TLC until the end of February. The choker and necklace are also from Supernatural and is currently at On9 until February 28th.  Follow the below links to get yours now!!

I'm also featuring another fabulous Bento hand nail set from Gorgeous Dolls in this Look.  These are from Kea's "Feeling Myself" set in Iced Diva Talonz. They are an amazing fit with many different under gem colors and patterns to choose from in the easy to use HUD. You can even mix and match which nails wear what colors and patterns. See her links for more information in the below details!


Supernatural's Valentina bodysuit in black at TLC
Available 2.7.2017 -  2.28.2017

Supernatural's Lorena choker and necklace in silver at On9
Available 2.9.2017 -  2.28.2017

.::Supernatural::. Main Store
.::Supernatural::. Flickr
.::Supernatural::. Facebook

Gorgeous Dolls
~GD~Feeling Myself(Iced Diva Talonz) - Vista  Bento PROHANDS 
Gorgeous Dolls Main Store
Gorgeous Dolls Marketplace Store
Gorgeous Dolls Flickr
Gorgeous Dolls Facebook