Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look of the Moment #12 (LOTM12) - FAMESHED

This round, FAMESHED is celebrating their fourth year since conception!  

Let me tell you, it's about as difficult to get into that place as it is to bring any child into the world after conception.  Of course I bullied my way in until finally after over 100 tries, I found my feet hitting the cobble stone stairs leading to the demise of my bank roll.

This beautiful dress, the arm bands and hair all came from my unyielding determination to press on until getting through that small overcrowded door way.  I had taken every hud and attachment off that I was willing to be seen in public without wearing.  Still it felt like dredging through mud just to get from one set of stalls to the next. Never ending clicking of those boxes filled with free gifts.  Trying to decide which color I wanted in what brand and style of clothes, shoes, hair and accessories.  There are some great finds for the home and garden area too.  Trust me when I say, you are now looking at the proud owner of a small wooden boat that I can't wait to show you in some of my posts later this week.

For now, I'll shut my mouth and get on with the shoot details.

OH wait..one more thing.  FAMESHED is having a photo contest, so be sure to check out their Flickr page and post yourself in everything you purchased there when you finally make it through the door!



Shoot Details:

Sky: Phototools - Hufflepuff Light 01
Water: Raymond's Water
Day Cycle: None

.GlamRus. Honey 05

Secret Weapon: LUMIPro 2016 HUD
Face lights and projector

CATWA Annie Mesh Head

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Face Mara" and mesh skin applier - Mixedtype

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

MINA - Kirstin - Light blond (FAMESHED)

IKON Triumph Eyes - Sky


Shape - Mine

S&P Collar Riley

*Just BECAUSE* Sammy Gown - Peach
*Just BECAUSE* Elegant Arm Cuffs - FAMESHED free gift
Main Store:  *Just BECAUSE*

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