Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Look of the Moment #33 (LOTM33) - Pulse Fundraiser Event in World

Belonging to a community, any community, promotes the health of our minds, bodies and souls.  I am grateful that I belong to the SL Blogger Support community in SL.  Thank you for allowing me early access to the Pulse Fundraiser Event in World that begins today at 11am SLT and continues until July 12, 2016.

Credits for most of the below information is given to Skyefaise Resident for the information card she provided to the group when she notified the bloggers of this group of early access.  We get these little benefits so we can go early to find the pretties we wish to share with you.  Many of the items in this fundraiser are from designers who have pledged 100% of their proceeds to help the victims and victims' families of the Pulse club shooting that occurred in Orlando, Florida USA.

Over 100 amazing designers have banded together to set up a fundraiser to benefit the victims and victim's families of the Pulse club shooting. Designers will be placing out new items, recolored and discounted items and donating portions of their sales to the cause. 

If you'd like to donate but do not wish to purchase anything, you can do so by visiting our sim and clicking on the donation board or you can donate directly to the gofundme linked below.

In partnership with Casper Warden and sim sponsored by Cerberus Xing.

How the funds will be spent by Equality Florida:
"Every penny raised will be distributed directly to the victims and their families. We are working with a team of attorneys and experts, including the National Center for Victims of Crime, which deployed funds in both Chattanooga and Aurora, to ensure funds are distributed correctly."

I'm keeping these posts simple so I can take as many pictures of the items I was able to purchase at the fundraiser event.  The link to the event is below along with the names of the items you may purchase; some of them exclusive to only this event. 



Shoot Details:

Location:  Ballz Deep Society

Sky: Region default
Water: Region default
Day Cycle: None

Pose:  //elephante poses// Love #4

Dress:  -Pixicat- Malignant.Dress (Latex) 

Tattoos:  [White~Widow] Chocolat - Black

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