Saturday, June 24, 2017

LOTM420 - Beach Buddies

Facepalm Clothing Co. (FCC), has this sexy bikini at Twe12ve this round.  The appliers come in assorted brands to fit anyone's body type. I'm featuring the gorgeous Irene in blue that's included in the pack of dark tints. Follow the below link and see the different options available to make your own Look.


Twe12ve Event
Evil Bunny Productions Website
Twe12ve Flickr
Evil Bunny Productions Facebook


+FCC+ Irene Darks 

Also wearing:

*booN Lab.015 hair blonde pack
**RE** ReVoX Avo Collar and Luxy Rings Set 1.3
Astralia - Compatible mesh nails system (Slink)
PUNCH / Darling / Hips piercings
[ kunst ] - Vintage Cigarette Holder
[Z O O M] Murmia Glasses

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