Thursday, April 21, 2016

Look of the Moment #4 (LOTM4) - The Black Fashion Fair

I promise, really, this blog post is going to be about the amazing outfit that I got from The Black Fashion Fair. 

However, I need to take a moment to give a public announcement about customer service.  We have so many incredible designers to choose from in SL.  What sets some apart from the others?  For me, it's the one thing that sets RL stores apart from one another. Amazing customer service.

Yesterday a newer version of the CATWA Annie mesh head arrived in my inventory.  Let me just say, awesome to only have two huds now!! One for animation and the other for stuff I won't use except to make my hair base bald.  I'm still happy with the upgrade though so if you haven't gotten yours be sure to do that STAT!

Anyway, twice when I had logged out of SL and back in again, my newest mesh head had reverted back to the original Annie look.  For those who understand the world of mesh heads, I use a DeeTalez Mara face for my look.  My face animations had also froze and I could not get them to release to save my life. So I finally dragged myself to bed to deal with it another day.

This morning I logged into SL and yet again my DeeTalez face had to be reapplied.  The technical nerd in me sent CATWA Clip a note card. If it was happening to me, I needed to let her know in case she had received reports from others too.  She contacted me a few hours later and we chatted for a bit.  She didn't sound like she had been getting reports of my issue from any other mesh heads out there on the grid.  Therefore we chalked it up to SL being her usual glitchy self.  

The animations worked fine for me this morning, so I'll wait to see what happens when I log in next time. We parted ways, CATWA and I, with me promising that I would send another note card to her if my face should revert back to the original Annie again.  The thing is, the reason for all my rambling, is that I was genuinely impressed with her quick response and concern for my issue.  Such incredible customer service and for that, she deserves for this little story to be told.

So I guess that I'm saying, don't lose who you once was after you get to that YOU that you were meant to be.  Thank you CATWA Clip; not only for my amazing Annie mesh head gear, but also for keeping your perspective that great customer service is what separates you as one of the best designers out there!

Now on with my Look of the Moment...



The Look starts here...

Shoot Details:

Location:  Winter Moon

Sky: Phototools - Never Night Light, Phototools - Owlery Light
Water: Default, Raymond's Water
Day Cycle: None

.GlamRus. Honey Pack - Honey 02
Store under construction, see MP link:


Secret Weapon: LUMIPro 2016 HUD
Face lights and projector


DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Face Mara" and mesh skin applier - Mixedtype

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

*ARGRACE* NAO - Whites in Vanilla

IKON Triumph Eyes - Sky


Shape - Mine

S&P Collar Riley

**RE** Raven Leather Gloves Maitreya @ROMP


E-Clipse Design - Aria Top, Hotpants and Jacket
Purchased from The Black Fashion Fair

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