Friday, April 22, 2016

Look of the Moment #5 (LOTM5) - StoryBrooke Gardens

Have you ever been to StoryBrooke Gardens?  It's a Lauren Bentham owned and designed sim.  I'm going to list links to many of her properties for you in today's post. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit any of them, I encourage you to do so.  I remember back years ago when I first experienced one of her marvels. A bunch of us, probably 10 in all, were looking for something to do for Halloween. We had heard of a hunt, a quest like hunt that was around the time of Halloween and we decided to go check it out.  

I fell in love.

The entire concept was brilliant!  The quest was fun, the prizes were unique and my friends and I had a wonderful time.  However, the creativity and quality of the build itself is what imprinted Lauren Bentham's name into my memory.

Years later, only a couple months from today's date, I came across Lauren Bentham's name again.  

I had invested in the LumiPro2016 photographers hud and was at a loss of where to take pictures.  But I was hungry and went to the SL Destinations page on the SL website looking for photogenic places in SL.  Netherwood was in the listing so I decided to take a trip.  I recalled Lauren's name immediately and was not disappointed with the SL Destination Guide's recommendation to visit Netherwood.

Since that time, I have had the wonderful opportunity to take even more pictures at Netherwood, Everwinter, Baja Norte, Baja Cove and StoryBrooke Gardens. Click on the linked names of the locations for a taxi to each of these amazing places to take photos.

Below is my Look of the Moment that I want to share with you from StoryBrooke Gardens today.



Shoot Details:

Location:  StoryBrooke Gardens (A Lauren Bentham Sim)

Sky: Phototools - Owlery Light and Phototools - Quidditch Light
Water: Default
Day Cycle: None

an lar [poses] The Restful Series II - Five (m)
See katya.valeska profile for updates of which Events she is participating in and when her home store has finished construction.
I think I picked up this Series @ROMP.


Secret Weapon: LUMIPro 2016 HUD
Face lights and projector

CATWA - Annie mesh head

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Face Mara" and mesh skin applier - Mixedtype

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

*ARGRACE* Riley - Whites in Vanilla

IKON Triumph Eyes - Sky


Shape - Mine

S&P Collar Riley

Kibitz Jewelry - Crystal ring set (gold) and Olzen ring set (gold)
No LM, pretty sure I found these at Kustom9 Event. 
See Kathya Szczepanski Flickr 

~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring Dreamcatcher for Maitreya Lara
(Purchased on Market Place)

E-Clipse Design - Asia Top, Asia Pants - White
Purchased from Shiny Shabby
Main Store

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